Project is financially supported by the National Foundation for the Development of Civic Society – non-profit media projects for encouraging democracy and development of civic society

STINA Institute has so far already realised educational-informative project "LEARNING FOR EUROPE – media campaign for raising awareness and promotion of European integration" with the assistance of European Commission (PHARE programme). During the implementation of the programme it become evident that it is necessary to continue with a systematic work on informing and educating citizens about various relevant issues of the European integration which become more and more demanding and complex as Croatian formally nears the EU membership.

With the aid of National Foundation for the Development of Civic Society, the institute realised project EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN FOR RAISING CONCIOUSNESS AND PROMOTION OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION in 2009, and continues implementation of this activity in 2010 via EDUCATIONAL MEDIA PROJECT FOR RAISING AWARENESS OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION , as part of the programme of non-profit media projects for encouraging democracy and development of civic society of the National Foundation.

The implementation of this project aims to provide continuous civic education of the local public about all relevant issues related to EU integration and train local media for independent production of similar educational-informative programme and content.

15 local radio stations expressed their interest in the project. They are:
Radio Dunav, (Vukovar), Radio Brod (Slavonski Brod), Radio Bljesak (Okučani), Pitomi radio (Pitomača), Radio Sisak, Radio Nova Gradiška, Radio Drniš , Radio BnM / Biograd na moru ), Radio Šibenik, Radio Labin , Radio Našice , Radio Đakovo, Radio KL (Split), Radio Daruvar, Radio Gospić. These radio stations have been selected on the basis of their interest and needs to educate their listeners about European integration. As a contribution to the implementation of the project, these radio stations will make available broadcasting space, and their journalists and editors will participate in planning, creation and production of shows.

Activities and realisation:
Project is realised through production of educational-informative radio show which will be broadcast by the local radio stations involved in the project.

Each show will have an educational core with various experts informing the listeners about the various issues related to the EU accession process. Depending on the subject, each show will host various experts, representatives of local authorities, NGO representatives, etc. These shows can be used by local radio stations as a basis for wider live radio shows with local radio stations providing guests – experts for individual issues – and the citizens would be able to join the show via live phone lines with their questions, comments and remarks.

Radio shows will cover the following subjects:
- social reform and European integration
- possibilities of using pre-accession funds to develop local communities
- acceptance of European standards and protection of national interests
- rule of law and civic development
- fight against corruption
- European principles of public administration
- European standards of human, minority and gender rights
- social policy and economic development
- environment protection and economic development
- regional policy and cross-border cooperation
- development of local self-government, role of civic society and mechanism for government control
- consumer standards and consumer protection

Shows produced so far are available at the Institute website, together with the links to other organisation that are realising non-profit media projects with the support of the National Foundation for the Development of Civic Society.