Regional project

Institute of the Association for Transitional Researches and National Education - STINA Institute
Media Initiatives ,  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Integriteta - association for ethics in public service – IDEJD. Ljubljana , Slovenia
Novi Sad School of Journalism – NNSJ ,  Novi Sad, Serbia

Financially supported by EU 

Combination of activities planned by the project CORRUPTION INTERRUPTION will provide the project participants, target groups and beneficiaries with conference, creative actions, trainings, forums, evaluation, and tandem work on corruption issues.  Since this project tends to deal with different level of corruption, in Serbia , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia and Slovenia  ( SRB, BiH, CRO, SLO ) and includes different target groups from different social sectors, it should contribute to the anti-corruption strategy on regional and EU level.

Overall objective:

Raising the level of awareness in public about corruption in SRB, BiH, CRO and SLO and contributing to fight against corruption.

Expected results:  
1.Definition of current situation on corruption in politics, education and health in SRB, BiH, CRO and SLO by country reports (4 in total) and media monitoring for these four countries.
2. Increased level of public awareness in SRB, BiH, CRO about corruption by conference, 9 creative actions, 9 student TV outputs, 3 forums, 45 media TV outputs broadcasted up to 120 times, providing up to 1200 minutes of airtime broadcasted on the potential audience within outreach of participating media.
3. Encouraging the youth activism in fighting against corruption in politics, education and health in SRB,BiH,CRO
4. Improved professional standards of TV journalists (3 trainings and 45 TV media outputs)
5. Established cooperation between students, journalists and NGOs for fight against corruption

Activities :

Country reports writing (4 in total) will be created by independent experts from SRB, BiH, CRO and SLO (focusing on corruption in politics/education/health). These reports will provide the overview of national legislative and practice in fight against corruption for every individual country.
Media monitoring – analysis and report – monitoring of media content aiming to show is there media initiative and contribution to opening and resolving the cases of corruption (focusing in politics, education and health).

Publishing the reports- the objective is to disseminate the collected information and to make them available to the wider public in the region

Conference in Novi Sad – public presentation of results of country/monitoring reports which should  open the key issues of corruption in the region, focusing on corruption in politics, education and health, exchange the experience of the participating countries and discuss possible solutions.

Trainings for journalists - Upgrading the journalistic standards on reporting on corruption. Three  two-day trainings for 30 TV journalists form SRB, BiH, CRO.

Students creative actions are aimed at strengthening youth activism fighting against corruption. 9 creative actions (3 in SRB, 3 in BiH, and 3 in CRO covering 3 issues: corruption in politics “How much for a vote?”, education ”Index full of Euros” and health ”A Gift for Operation”). Actions have a double role- to be informative (through info desks and promotional material) and to be creative (accompanied by street performances, public debates).

Media TV production - 15 young TV journalists (5 per SRB, BiH, CRO) employed in national, regional and local TV stations should investigate, clarify and represent the corruption stories in order to inform the public objectively and thoroughly.

Student TV production - students of the media groups as a part of students teams will produce creative, likeable and 'catchy' promotional media outputs which influence on the youth population the most.

Forums (1 in SRB, 1 in BiH, 1 in CRO) should help the opening of the most relevant issues concerning the corruption in politics, health and education. The 'corruption' experience in SRB, BiH, CRO will be compared to the EU experience (namely Slovenian). Forums are places to exchange regional experiences and present the best models of the fight against the corruption.