Media campaign for promotion of European integration processes in Croatia

PROJECT IS FINANCED BY THE EU (PHARE 2005, Small projects programme)

Project : LEARNING FOR EUROPE - Media campaign for promotion of European integration processes in Croatia (the project is financed by the EU as part of its PHARE 2005 program)

The main objectives of this project

  • systematic informing and education of Croatian citizens about changes Croatian society has to implement in various areas during the EU accession process
  • training journalists and editors in Croatian local media in the promotion of European values and standards
  • development of the role of local media in informing citizens about all relevant issues of Croatian accession to the EU.

Project will be implemented via three main activities :

  • educational seminar for editors and journalists at the local radio stations
  • 120 live radio shows with various subjects related to the accession process , with participation of both experts and citizens; broadcast by numerous radio stations all over Croatia
  • 12 educational–informative bulletins primarily intended for use by local media and training of editors and journalists in those media

Activities will also cover numerous subjects such as reporting about the EU, local communities in the process of integration into Europe, usage of pre-accession funds, protection of national interests and adaptation to the EU standards, etc.

Generally speaking, implementation of this project SHOULD raise the level of public awareness about the importance of EU integration for Croatian society and reforms the society has to pass through on its way to the EU. It will also provide an additional impulse and stable support to those reforms.

Project will be implemented throughout 2007.

STINE Institute partners in this project will be NGOs Agency of Local Democracy and Albert –E (both from Osijek ); organization experienced in implementation of the projects aimed at introducing European values and standards into everyday life of the citizens and enabling social institutions.

STINE Institute, together with its other activities, is intensively working on development of civic education via media, especially in relation to development and democratization of local communities.

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