Non-profit media project MINORITY RADIO FORUM

The project is supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development


Project goals

  • informing and educating the public about the importance of national minority rights for the democratization of the society and better development of multi-ethnic communities
  • strengthening public consciousness that the culture of tolerance, acceptance of diversity, harmonisation of ethnic relations, cooperation of majority and minority population will strengthen social capital of (multi-ethnic) local communities
  • sensitising the general public about the needs and problems of national minorities
  • strengthening minority communities and involving them more actively in public life
  • contributing to the better development of multi-ethnic (and returnee) communities, offering more opportunities
  • acceptance of European values and standards and making the EU integration process easier
  • contributing to training of local media (journalists and editors) for independent production of shows and programmes that will promote the culture of tolerance as an important element for development of every community

Project activities:

  • educational, informative radio shows at local radio stations throughout Croatia
  • project webpage
  • a cooperation network with other organisation which carry out similar projects

Production of educational and informative shows will be organised at 15 local radio stations in Croatia. The shows will be broadcast once per month from January 2012 – December 2012.

Each show will host various experts, representatives of minority organisation and minority self-government, representatives of local government, NGOs, etc.

The shows will also present examples of good practice that will demonstrate various projects used by minority communities to support development of their local communities.

Subjects that will be covered by the project

  • social and economic resources of multi-ethnic communities
  • minorities as social capital of local communities
  • education in multi-ethnic communities
  • establishment and development of post-conflict communication
  • multi-ethnic cultural and historical legacy as development potential
  • conditions for sustainable development of returnee communities<
  • cooperation and development across sectors (models for cooperation of media, civil sector, entrepreneurs and local communities)
  • trans border cooperation of local communities in the region and utilisation of the EU funds
  • minority contribution to the trans border cooperation
  • public advocating (and lobbying) of minority needs and interests with the goal of developing local communities
  • communication of minority councils with the local self-government and local authorities
  • methods and approaches to sensitising the public for minority issues
  • minorities in political life of local communities

Radio stations involved in the project

The following local radio stations are involved in the project as partners: Radio Dunav, (Vukovar), Radio Brod (Slavonski Brod), Radio Bljesak (Okučani), Pitomi radio (Pitomača), Radio Sisak, Radio Nova Gradiška, Radio Biograd, Radio Šibenik, Radio Daruvar, Radio Gospić, Radio Labin, Radio KL Eurodom (Split), Radio Drniš, Radio Našice, Radio Novska.