STINA Institute founded 2003

For some time, STINA news agency has been developing and implementing unique media projects aimed at informing and educating the public about processes of democratization in transition societies.

Through its various services and projects, STINA covered various aspects of developing civic society, development of local democracy, protection of minority rights and strengthening of inter-ethnic tolerance, media freedom, return of refugees, encouraging citizens to adopt a more active role in political life, etc.

STINA Institute was founded 2003 to further improve the mentioned specific activities.

The Institute will act as an NGO contributing to research, promotion and education of civic society values and development of democratic institutions and relations, culture of peace and tolerance, multi-ethnicity and multi-culture, protection and development of human rights, ecologically-sustainable development and harmonious social and economic progress.

These goals will be achieved through various activities of the Institute: scientific and expert gatherings, lectures and roundtables; inter-disciplinary research, publishing activity and, especially, media-based education.

STINA Institute will base its activities on a synthesis of significant media experience and active role in promotion and development of civic society and democratic standards in transition societies. With its numerous projects including both Croatian and international experts, the Institute will try to contribute to complete democratization of Croatian society on its way to integration into European Union.

Also, STINA Institute will especially address joint regional problems in its projects, thus contributing to better understanding, cooperation and stability in the region.

Realised project of the STINE Institute:

Informational educational media campaign for encouraging return process
As part of this project STIAN realised 13 radio shows on all relevant aspects of return such as reconstruction, security situation, inter-ethnic relations, relations between immigrants and returnees, economic situation, property return, issues with tenants' rights, education, etc. The shows described situation in a large number of towns and municipalities in five croatian counties. The project was realised in 2004 with the financial assistance of the OSCE mission in Croatia.

Reconstruction of multi-ethnic communities
This project has been realised through informative-educational radio shwos which have been broadcast by the 10 local radio stations across Croatia. The goal was to contribute to inter-ethnic trust and social reconstruction of multi-ethnic communities where ethnic and social relations had been destroyed by the war. The project was realised in 2006/2007 with the financial assistance of the US Embassy in Croatia.

Strengthening public conciousness about the importance of succesful return as a factor of stabilisation and improvement of locala communities
Six radio shows have been realised during this project, the goal of which was to inform the general public about the importance and positive influence of the return and harmonisation of inter-ethnic relations in post-conflict areas for their further development and prosperity. Shows have been broadcast by 7 radio stations in areas affected by conflict, now places with intensive return. The project was realised in 2006 with the financial assistance of the National Foundation for the Development of Civic Society.

Sensitizing the public for successful functioning of minority self-government
The project has been realised as informative-education shows with the goal of sensitizing minority and general public for minority self-government elections. There was a total of 10 radio shows produced which have been broadcast by 10 radio stations across Croatia. The project was realisedi n 2007 with the financial assistance of the National Foundation for the Development of Civic Society.

Regional educational seminars for journalists covering minorities and inter-ethnic tolerance
The project has been realised as three educational seminars held in Vukovar, Sarajevo and Novi Sad with the participation of 15 journalists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia at every seminar. The project was realised in 2007 with the financial assistance of
King Baudouin Foundation.

"Learning for Europe media campaign for promotion of European integration in Croatia"
The project has been realised as informative-educational live radio shows at the local radio stations and informative electronic bulletin. About 20 local radio stations have been involved in the project, which was realised in 2007 at the national level, with the assistance of the EU PHARE programme.

Media support to realisation of minority rights in the Republic of Croatia
The project has been realised as informative-educational shows on minority issues broadcast by the local radio station in areas with greater concetration of minorities. The project was realised with the asssistance of the Royal Netherlands Embassy (Matra Programme) in 2008.

Regional media network
STINE Institute has a broad regional cooperation and is currently participating in the creation of the regional project "New Media Initiatives" together with its partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Media Plan Institute) and Serbia (Novi Sad School of Journalism). The project is developing institutional network for educating journalists for public media campaigns aimed at the processes of stabilisation and demcoratisation of post-conflict socities.