STINA is independent news agency based in Split which deals, besides classic media work, with realization of various promotional, analytical and educational projects for better development of transition society on democratic, civil, social and economic level.
        STINA was founded in 1991 with the goal to contribute to professional and objective informing, oppose media hate speech and help overcome communication barriers and establishment of bridges across countries of the former Yugoslavia.
        Since that time, STINA has grown up into a respected news agency which cooperates with numerous media and institutions both in Croatia and abroad.
        STINA has developed varied and specialized informative program realized via various services and projects which treat issues of democratization, development of civil society, social and economic reforms, human and minority rights, media freedom, etc.
        STINA is also developing project of informative and educational character which make it specific and specialized Croatian news agency.

Our clients:
        STINA is now cooperating with over 100 media outlets (daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and agencies in Croatia, other countries of former Yugoslavia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia. Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, almost all transition countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgizstan and some western media in the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Germany.
        Some special information services are used by various international organizations, research and university centers and numerous NGOs.
        STINA has a network of 50 correspondents in Croatia, Bosnia and other countries of former Yugoslavia, almost all countries of eastern and central Europe and some western metropolis.
        Also, STINA employs various experts for specific special projects.
        Some of our projects and services are implemented through regional and international cooperation with various institutions and partners. Among them are Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (Washington, USA), Media plan Institute and SAFAX news agency (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Media Diversity Institute (London, UK), ANEM and Refugees Return Service (Beograd, FR Yugoslavia).


STINA has had support from various international organizations and foundations like:

- European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
- National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC, USA
- Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe, Washington DC, USA
- Westminster Foundation For Democracy, London, UK
- Press Now, Amsterdam, Nederland
- Medienhilfe ex Yugoslawien, Zurich, Switzerland
- Open Society Institute, Regional Media Program, Budapest, Hungary
- Open Society Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
- OSCE, Mission to the Republic of Croatia
- USAID (OTI Program) Croatia